Raw Nutrients Pâté (with spirulina, soybean lecithin, nutritional yeast, dehydrated kale, eggshell, tahini, chia seeds)

July 30, 2021


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nutrients pâté

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This is a raw recipe, for two people, to prepare every two or three days. It keeps very well, better in the fridge, especially if it's hot. In general, to protect nutrients from degradation by oxidation and from sunlight, it is best to store cold, covered and in an opaque container.

This recipe is a good solution for ingesting the nutrients we lack in our diet; It is a pâté type spreadable cream and is made from already granulated or powdered ingredients, to which we mix water or the liquid we prefer; cooking is not necessary, just stir it in the same container where we will store it.

This particular pâté is designed to correct the shortcomings of:

    calcium (eggshell),
    iron (spirulina),
    choline (soy lecithin),
    lutein + zeaxanthin (kale)

Depending on the amounts we lack of each nutrient we can adjust the amounts of the ingredients.

We can adapt this pâté to ingest other nutrients we need, or adapt it to our diet, which usually changes from one week to the next.

In this case, we have added other nutrients to enrich it much more and consume it daily for breakfast:

We have added: nutritional yeast, chia seeds and tahini.

We serve it in salted format, on a toast of whole wheat bread and organic, homemade, where we rubbed a clove of garlic and we seasoned it with umeboshi.

We can also serve it in sweet format, putting a little honey on the toast pâté.

It is also delicious with a splash of lemon juice, with or without honey.


Tools:    > sections

To prepare it we only need:

- a normal kitchen scale
- A container of about 500 ml, with a wide base, preferably round or oval, with a lid
- a tablespoon


Ingredients:    > sections

30 gr Tahini
18 gr Spirulina
18 gr Dehydrated kale
18 gr Soy Lecithin
18 gr Chia seeds
5 gr Nutritional yeast
4 gr eggshell (*)
70 gr of water

* The 'eggshell' is not a food included in the U.S. Food Data Central database. 'Eggshell' refers to a high quality homemade calcium source. (See our article about eggshell)


Preparation:    > sections

1 / prepare the water and pour the chia seeds (they will be hydrated in 1 minute)

2 / pour all the ingredients into the container and stir until you have a homogeneous mixture


Nutritional Composition:    > sections

Nutrients per 100 Gr of food:

* Targeted nutrients are displayed in purple

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