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    Page Contents:    This page shows the nutritional composition of the selected food using four graphs, which show the different nutrients grouped according to their units of measurement.

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Graph 1: macronutrients, expressed in grams (G);
Graph 2: amino acids, expressed in grams (G);
Graph 3: micronutrients expressed in milligrams (MG),
Graph 4: micronutrients expressed in micrograms (UG).

About the Comparison of Food Processing Methods form :

    Usually, when we look at the nutritional composition of foods, we find data related to 100g of food. If we want to know how the nutrients change from a raw food to a processed food, we also find nutritional compositions of processed foods relative to 100 gr. This is annoying because there is no way to know what the loss of nutrients is when cooking and we find that the amounts of many nutrients in a processed food are greater than those in raw foods, a somewhat confusing information; this occurs due to the concentration of nutrients (when a significant amount of water is lost when cooking, for example).

    But we can calculate what the loss of mass is after processing a food and extrapolate the loss of nutrients.

* You can find the description and discussion of this method in our article:
Calculating the nutrients loss in food processing

    If you want the graphs to show this information, when comparing two or more processed foods, check option 2 under "Food Comparison Options" and submit the form.

    HowTo:    Use this page in three steps

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1  Food Search:   Search a food by nutrient or by keyword. Results will appear below, in an orange box. Then select a food and it will be submitted.

2  Comparison of Food Processing Methods:   This selector contains all processing methods found (including the RAW food) for the food which was submitted in '1 Food Search'. Select one or more foods to display together in charts.

3   Food comparison options:   (optional) Select a comparison option. and click the 'submit' button.

1    Food Search

By Nutrient:
By Keywords:

Search results:

* select a food to load it

2    Comparison of Food Processing Methods

Processing methods found for this food:

* multiple select keys: CTR + left mouse click
* Select the foods whose nutritional composition you want to compare in the graphs below.
* When submitting this form, if a 'raw' food exists it will be allways added to the selected foods.

3    Food comparison options:

Display in charts the nutritional composition for 100 gr of each processed food selected

Compare final mass of each selected food after processing 100 gr of related RAW food

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